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APiQ Automated IHC & ISH


Work smarter with the freedom of mobile lab management and powerful data at your fingertips.

APiQ Inventory Manager provides efficient and customizable inventory management that reduces reagent and labor waste. APiQ Instrument Dashboard means you can be everywhere at once by monitoring advanced staining on your smartphone. APiQ HUB unifies your Advanced Staining instruments and makes data available anywhere using Cloud computing.

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The APiQ Inventory Manager

Take control of your inventory without opening the fridge

  • Stay organized and eliminate surprises
    Track usage, set re-order limits, see what's expiring
  • Improve order efficiency
    Eliminate under-stocking hold-ups and over-ordering waste
  • Move beyond the lab with mobile computing
    Seamlessly manage your inventory from anywhere

The APiQ Instrument Dashboard

Have a mobile window into the real-time status of your BOND instruments

  • Confidently leave your lab running
    Check status and staining capacity wherever you are
  • Stay in control
    See what's up next, plan your day, triage immediate needs


Enable mobile connectivity

  • Cloud-based connectivity
  • Real-time lab information
  • Available when and where you need it
  • NO patient data collected, uploaded or stored
    (HIPAA compliant)