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BOND RX & BOND RXm new protocol releases

New data files are now available to provide access to the latest protocol releases for BOND RX and BOND RXm. Please ensure the correct data file appropriate to your region is downloaded. The files below are for v5.2 & v6.0 BOND RX/RXm Systems only.


  • Do not apply this update to BOND-III or BOND-MAX Systems.
  • Ensure the correct update is applied commensurate with your region.
  • We recommend that all BOND systems be updated to the latest software version - RX v6.0
  • Do not apply this update to Systems running RX v4.0 software; this file is not applicable to software v4.0 Systems.
  • BXDv17 must be applied to Systems running RX v6.0 software.

BXDv17 for BOND RX/RXm software versions 5.2 & v6.0
Please download the appropriate file for your region. Refer to sections 10.4 & 10.4.1 of the latest BOND User Manual for BXD upload instructions.

Download the US BXDv17 data file here.

Download the Canada BXDv17 data file here.

Download the EU BXDv17 data file here.

Download the Japan BXDv17 data file here.

Download the Rest of World BXDv17 data file here.

New protocols and products available in BXDv17:


  • Ultivue UltiMapper Assay


  • PA0094: Cytokeratin (AE1/AE3), 7 mL
  • PA0051: Muc-1 Glycoprotein (Ma695), 7 mL
  • PA0052: Muc-5AC Glycoprotein (CLH2), 7 mL
  • PA0053: Muc-6 Glycoprotein (CLH5), 7 mL
  • PA0831: Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (5A4), 7 mL.
  • PA0832: Programmed Death Ligand 1 (73-10), 7 mL
  • PA0050: Herpesvirus (Type 8) (13B10), 7 mL.