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Theranostics Partnering

Leica Biosystems is ideally positioned to address the growing needs of the patient and pharmaceutical industry for personalized medicine and theranostic solutions. We offer the unrivalled breadth of in-house expertise that only a full histopathology systems provider can offer.

  • Specimen Handling and Preparation
  • Instrumentation and Software Development
  • Protein Chemistry
  • Optics and Image analysis

Enhance the commercial success of your drug by developing the most accurate, reliable and robust theranostic system for your targeted therapy. Assist advances in critical decision making in the drug development process.

Chose a partner with

  • Exceptional hybridoma expertise
  • Biomarker selection support
  • The ability to create control cell lines
  • Superior tools for diagnostic assay development
  • The ability to standardize the entire histology workflow
  • Proven Histopathology Instrumentation solutions
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Global sales and marketing capabilities.

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These products are not for sale in the USA.