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Leica ChromoPlex™ 1 Dual Detection for BOND Bond Reagents

Leica ChromoPlex™ 1 Dual Detection for BOND Fully Automated 1-Step Parallel Staining with

The ability to see multiple markers on one slide can give more insight into diagnosis particularly when tissue is limited.

Multiply your capabilities with ChromoPlex 1 Dual Detection for BOND. The only fully automated 1 step parallel staining detection system.

  • Stable red and brown chromogens in one detection kit 
  • For use with commercial available and self-validated  cocktails
  • Rabbit antibodies stain red and mouse antibodies stain brown – rAP and mHRP
  • Crisp clear red and brown staining, allowing for excellent ease of interpretation
  • Superior to sequential dual staining methods*
  • Available in both a 100 and NEW 50 test format, to suit your workflow needs

 *Leica study number PE0016

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Multiply Your Capabilities

Multiply Your Capabilities

Clear Differentiation. Flexibility. Complete the Picture.

  • Make comparative diagnostics easier
  • Lead the way in diagnostic efficiency
  • Improve the opportunity for same day diagnosis
Maximize Workflow Efficiency

Maximize Workflow Efficiency

Fully Automated Parallel Dual Chromogen Staining is Now Possible.

  • Save time, save costs
  • One step, two results
  • Minimize repeats, maximize efficiency
Ensure Consistency

Ensure Consistency

Quality. Sensitivity. Specificity.

  • Two chromogens, one detection system 
  • Intense staining, clean background
  • Multiple antibodies, single slide


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Code Name Show all details Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS Qty
DS9477 ChromoPlex 1 Dual Detection for BOND Kit DS Info MSDS
DS9477-CN ChromoPlex 1 Dual Detection for BOND Kit MSDS
DS9665 ChromoPlex 1 Dual Detection - 50 Test Kit DS Info MSDS