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Product Features

Don’t Compromise On Tissue Quality

Biopsies, large, or fatty specimens; different tissues need different treatments. The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus tissue processor gives you the flexibility to run parallel protocols on a single instrument. Process up to 400 samples simultaneously, increasing your capacity by 33% per run compared to a typical 300 cassettes single-retort tissue processor.

TRACK. TRACE. CAPTURE. 100% of your cassettes.

Capture and record critical data with built-in track & trace features. The integrated iScan technology tracks basket ID, user ID, and reagent information. An optical scanner captures cassette ID, quantity and color, enabling you to trace each sample in the tissue processing workflow. Easy access to the recorded data gives you control over your tissue processing reports while minimizing manual documentation, maximizing confidence.

Reagent Monitoring Helps Protecting The Tissue

A built-in density meter monitors reagent changes and alerts users if it detects an incorrect concentration to protect the integrity of the tissue.

Reagent Management Made Easy

Bar-coded reagents automatically create reagent exchange reports on the tissue processor, recording the lot number, reagent type and concentration of Leica reagents.

Optimize Your Workflow with Leica Paraffin

Use Leica Paraffin with your HistoCore Pegasus Plus tissue processor to further improve your workflow. PEGASUS Parablock paraffin melts 22% faster than pellets. Additionally, you get:

  • No Spills – solid blocks prevent spills from messy pellets
  • Easy Loading – Pegasus Parablocks X-tra™ create a smart safe and easy-to-handle paraffin-related workflow
  • Walk Away – load 4-blocks into Pegasus chambers and walk away. No need to top off paraffin.

Maximize Your Processing with ActivFlo Cassettes

  • Efficient Reagent Flow - Leica developed “Fluidic Flow” lateral vent and pore design maximizes reagent exchange
  • System Performance - ActivFlo Routine, Biopsy and Mini Biopsy cassettes are validated on Leica tissue processors
  • Easy Snap - Frangible hinge for lid removal
  • Effortless Loading - Stacked and taped configuration allows for quick and easy printer set up
  • Available in 11 colors

Preferred tissue processing reagents

Our preferred tissue processing reagents will help you take the tissue through your preanalytical workflow stages.
Broad product offering: Alcohols, Solvents, and Fixatives available in multiple packaging options
Reduce Errors: Color-coded labeling simplifies visualization of reagents and reduces reagent mix-ups Track & Trace capability: Bar-coded reagents help record the lot number, reagent type, concentration, and create reagent exchange reports
Greener alternatives: Process Tissue with Safer Reagents alternatives by substituting xylene with Sub-X or Clearene. Or switch to xylene-free processing with isopropanol (IPA).