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Cerebro (New) Specimen Identification

Cerebro (New) Sample Tracking System

Patient Safety. Enhanced Productivity. Complete Flexibility.

Now there’s a robust system that tracks and verifies the identity of every specimen at every point of your workflow. Nothing is left to chance, everything is checked and confirmed, all steps are covered. Leica CEREBRO virtually eliminates human identification errors and includes checks to ensure any potential problem is identified before there is a risk to patient safety.

Leica CEREBRO helps you go home at the end of each shift confident that every patient has received the right diagnosis as quickly as possible.

NEW: CEREBRO 2.0 introduces tracking to every corner of the laboratory thanks to the new tissue processing, staining and universal stations.

NEW: Really understand your laboratory’s long-term and immediate performance thanks to powerful, customizable reports and the real-time dashboard display.

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Patient Safety

Protect their health, and your reputation

Don't let identification errors lead to patient harm. Leica CEREBRO securely links each patient to all their case items using your unique ID.

Enhanced Productivity

Beat the squeeze

Get the most from health budgets by reducing costs while completing more slides in less time. Leica CEREBRO delivers immediate efficiency gains and provides the data you need for fully informed, continuous improvement.

Complete Flexibility

Your lab at its very best

Leica CEREBRO works with your patient identifiers and your preferred instruments while its complete coverage links every step in your workflow. With the flexibility to work your way, and a completeness that leaves nothing to chance, Leica CEREBRO will release your laboratory's full potential.

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