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Leica VT1000 S Vibrating blade microtome

The Leica VT1000 S vibrating blade microtome is the instrument of choice for high-quality sectioning requirements in neurophysiology, neuropathology experimental pathology ), Botany (roots and plants) and Industry (foams).

When sectioning fixed tissue for specific neuropathology tests the Leica VT1000 S consistently provides high-quality sectioning results.

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Technical Specifications


Maximum specimen size: 70 x 40 x 15 mm
Blade travel speed: 0.025 - 2.5 mm/s
Adjustable cutting window: electronic
Total vertical specimen stroke: 15 mm
Magnification options: 2x magnifier
Amplitude: 0.2; 0.4; 0.8; 1.0 mm
Total vertical specimen stroke: 15 mm (motorized) standard or 20 mm (optional)
Sectioning range: 1 to 40 mm 


Product Features

Can alter the frequency

To quickly accommodate different application needs, a user can alter the frequency between 0 and 100Hz and select the appropriate amplitude between 0.2 to 1mm in 5mm steps.

Adjustable knife advance speed

The instrument features a very fine adjustable knife advance speed between 0.025 to 2.5mm/s, a programmable sectioning window, and specimen retraction.

Fully automated cut mode

Accelerate the sectioning process: the Leica VT1000 S features a high-speed knife return stroke of 5 mm/sec as well as a freely programmable sectioning window which ensures extremely quick sectioning of even the smallest specimens.

High quality sectioning

An adjustable specimen retraction feature protects the specimen from damage during the return stroke of the knife.





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Configuration (14047235613)

  • Leica VT1000 S - Fully Automatic Vibrating Blade Microtome
  • Leica VT 1000 S - Configuration with accessories and magnifier - 100/120/230/240 V/50-60 Hz
  • Motorized specimen feed of 15 mm / 0.59 inches
  • The Leica VT1000 S Vibrating Blade Microtome is designed for special applications associated with sectioning of fresh biological tissues.


Basic instruments

Power cord needs to be ordered separately !
Code Name Show all details Qty
14047235612 Leica VT1000 S


Code Name Show all details Qty
14037127414 Cyanoacrylate glue 10g
14048145443 Heat transfer liquid - Antifrogen N, 10L


Accessories for Vibrating Blade microtome

Code Name Show all details Qty
14046327415 Foot switch for VT1000S
14021639372 Sapphire knife etched 40 mm 12 mm
14046232060 Magnetic Specimen Holder
14046231191 Magnifier Assy.
14600004826 LED 1000 Hi-Power spots, 2-arms
14600004825 LED 1000 control unit
14046230131 Knife Holder S
14046230132 Buffer Tray S Assembly
14046346423 Buffer tray S,can be used with a chiller
14046327404 Specimen disc S D 50 mm
14048148437 Julabo Chiller FL300 115 V/60 Hz
14048144195 Cooling hose (set of 2)
14048141952 Tube Clamp