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Recommended specimen holders and plates for Leica SM2500

Metal specimen stages in different stages

Recommended holders for paraffin-embedded specimens:

A variety of metal specimen stages in different sizes and a size-adjustable aluminum embedding frame are available, i.e. optimum-size blocks matching the size of each individual specimen can be prepared, avoiding both waste of paraffin and excessive wear of the knife edge.

Plastic specimen stages of different sizes

Recommended holders for celloidin-embedded specimens:

Plastic specimen stages of different sizes with rim and drain for cutting fluids are available for celloidin embeddings. Here again, the adjustable embedding frame is used for preparing blocks of individual sizes.

Base plate to ensure proper clamping

To ensure proper clamping, both metal and plastic specimen stages are clamped in a base plate with a vise clamp.The vise clamp is also the clamping system of choice for rectangular specimen blocks up to 80 x 100 mm.

Base plate with dovetail guide and 2 specimen clamps

For smaller specimens the specimen stage with dovetail guide is recommended. This stage can be mounted in north – south or east – west direction. Clamping in east–west direction (i.e. at right angles to the direction of the sledge movement) minimizes the risk of injury, as the specimen position can be adjusted laterally along the knife edge without having to touch the knife.

Two specimen clamps fit the base plate with dovetail guide: a specimen clamp for 40 x 58 mm rectangular specimens and a specimen clamp for round specimens of 6, 15 or 25 mm in diameter.