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Leica ST4040 Routine Staining & Coverslipping

Leica ST4040 Linear stainer


How many programs can be performed simultaneously?

A linear stainer can only perform one program at a time because of the simultaneous transport of all slide racks to the next station. If you want to run different protocols in the two rows, you have to align the protocols.

How many programs can be entered?

It’s possible to save two different programs.

What can be adjusted?

You have the possibility to choose the direction of the staining process (from left to right side or the opposite way) to adjust the linear stainer to your individual workflow.
For every program the staining time and drain time has to be selected and agitation can be turned on.
The volume of the alarm sound can be changed.

How often must the activated carbon filter be changed?

Every 3 months.

Can the stainer be connected to the external fume exhaust system?

You can order a fume exhaust hose for direct venting to a fume hood.

Is it possible to retrofit the ST4040 with the load/unload station?

The load and/or unload station can be installed at any time.

How many washing stations can be installed?

The number and positions of washing stations can be individually chosen. Tap water stations can be installed in positions 3 to 20.

Can the tap water and reagent containers be cleaned in a dishwasher?

The vessels can be washed in a dishwasher with a maximum temperature of 65 °C. Avoid washing the stations at higher temperatures as they may deform.

Why have slide racks not been transported to the next station?

Either the slide racks or the carriers might be out of shape. Try to re-adjust carefully. If this is not possible, please replace them.

What can be done if the water does not drain away?

A sufficient gradient from drain outlet on the instrument to the drain pipe has to be assured. Regular cleaning of the drain with a fine bottle brush will also assist reliable draining. When the drain hose is clogged, it has to be cleaned or replaced.

Can I use the Leica ST4040 slide racks in the coverslipper Leica CV5030 although is has 20 slide positions?

Yes, it is possible to use the racks in the coverslipper. The following accessories are needed:
- Order No. 14047840117 - Output rack for 20 slides (6 pieces per pack)
- Order No. 14047836706 - Holder for Leica racks for 20 slides.