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Micro Slides Consumables

Micro Slides

Micro Slides
Micro Slides

Micro Slides use high quality sheet glass in a carefully controlled environment, implementing strict specifications and quality control procedures. Each slide is precleaned, inspected four separate times and packed in environment friendly cardboard boxes. Plain and frosted ground versions available.

Double Frost Slides use only high quality sheet glass and are frosted on both sides of the slide. This slide is commonly used by customers who prefer a straight edge on the side of the slide compared to beveled edge slides.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800219 1.2 FROSTED SLIDES 1 Case of 1440 pieces
3800220 PLAIN SLIDES 1 Case of 1440 pieces
3800240 FROSTED GROUND SLIDES 1 Case of 1440 pieces
3808001GK Plain Grnd 90 Degree Slide Knittel(1000)
3808122GCE Twinfrosted Grnd Edge 90 deg (1000)
3808140GK Twinfrosted Cut Edge Knittel brand(1000)
3808122GCEIP Twinfrosted Grnd Edge 90 Clipped Corners
3808121G TWINFROSTED 0.8/1.0 M/SLIDES (1000) (NL)
3800380 SLIDE FROSTED STR EDGE 1 Case of 1440 pieces