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L'Absorbs Consumables



L'Absorbs are a strong highly absorbent, lint-free alternative to paper towels and gauze. The cloth-like softness and lint-free surface makes them ideal for use in cover slipping and slide preparation.

L'Absorbs are perfect for cleaning up all liquids but are specially suited to alcohol and xylene which evaporate upon use, allowing L'Absorbs to be reused. L'Absorbs will readily soak up oils and liquid paraffin wax and can be used for various blotting techniques, from highly technical procedures to simple applications such as drying a block from ice during microtomy. This product is one of the most versatile and useful in the laboratory.



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Code Name Unit size Qty
3803240 LABSORBS LG (12 X 12.5 INCH) (600) 1 Case of 600 pieces
3803242 LABSORBS SM (6 X 6 INCH) (1200) 1 Case of 1200 pieces