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FCG Chemical Control Consumables

FCG Chemical Control

FCG Chemical Control

Unlike general absorption products, which soak up spillage, FCG deactivates chemicals and converts formaldehyde into a solid, inert mass of urea-formaldehyde which can be disposed of as a non-hazardous waste. It is effective on 37% formaldehyde and takes just 10-15 minutes to convert the liquid to a solid. Vapours will be neutralised in around 7-10 minutes.

FCG comes in an easy-to-hold pack containing 680gm - enough for even large spillages. One side of the container allows FCG to be poured, the other side allows it to be sprinkled less liberally for smaller incidents.

One container of FCG treats approximately 500 ml of 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800752 F.C.G. FORMALDEHYDE CONTROL GR (x6) 1 Case of 6 pieces
3800752E FCG - CONTROL GRANULES (6X1.5LB) (6 x 0. 1 Case