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D-Formalizer Powder Consumables

D-Formalizer Powder

D-Formalizer Powder
D-Formalizer Powder

D-Formalizer is a safe chemical treatment for neutralizing spent formalin. It leaves a clear solution, free of solids and aldehyde odor, that can be disposed of without clogging the drains.

Simply add one packet of D-Formalizer to a gallon of used formalin (or 4% glutaraldehyde) and agitate gently. After 15 minutes, the product can be safely poured down the drain in compliance with local ordinances. The resulting solution will have a pH between 6 and 9 and will be free of polymer by-product. An aldehyde kit is also available to test for residual aldehyde and includes 100 tests per box.

D-Formalizer is availabe per package or in a case of 10 packages.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800753 D-FORMALIZER 10x680 gr 1 Case of 10 pieces
3800753E D-FORMALISER (10 x 0.68kg) DELETE 1 Case