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D-Formalizer Pads Consumables

D-Formalizer Pads

D-Formalizer Pads

D-Formalizer Pads reduce formaldehyde exposure by absorbing and neutralizing any excess formalin. The durable blue surface of the pads provides an excellent contrast to even small pieces of tissue.

The Pads are also useful for soaking up leakage and de-odourising vapours in other applications. They can be used to line shelves which hold specimen containers that may seep formaldehyde around the lid, or to line transport boxes where leaks may occur.

D-Formalizer Pads are available in various sizes and also in a convenient roll so that lengths can be cut as required.


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Code Name Show all details Unit size Qty
38007530810 D-FORMALIZER PADS SMALL 8X10 (25) 1 Pack of 25 pieces
38007531114 D-FORMALIZER PADS MEDIUM 11X14 (25) 1 Pack of 25 pieces
38007531620 D-FORMALIZER PADS LARGE 16X20 (25) 1 Pack of 25 pieces
380075314600 D-FORMALIZER PAD ROLL 356mm x 15.5 metre 1 Roll
3800753DS D-FORM ROLL DISPENSER 1 pieces
3800753608 D-FORMALIZER PADS 6"x8" (25) 1 Pack of 25 pieces