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Quality: Deliver diagnostic confidence

Deliver high-clarity H&E slides and provide pathologists with the critical morphological detail they rely on. With the ST Infinity system, quality reagents, advanced automation and complete system integration combine to create slides with crisp nuclear detail. So now you have a complete solution that makes it easier to create the diagnostic confidence that pathologists demand, and patients need.

Critical details

High grade dyes

High quality stains begin with high quality ingredients. The ST Infinity dyes are certified by the Biological Stain Commission and must pass analytical chemistry standards and performance tests.

Exceptional contrast

Matched components

All ST infinity components are carefully selected and prepared to work together. This means each component has the same lifespan and the finished stains have the crisp nuclear detail and sharp contrast between cytoplasmic and connective tissue elements that a Pathologist demands.

Crisp nucleus

Optimized for ST automation

Quality is a combination of reagents and their application. With the ST Infinity system, the reagent characteristics have been specially formulated for automated staining with the Leica ST5010 and Leica ST5020 stainers.