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H&E Staining System Consumables

H&E Staining System Leica ST Infinity

ST Infinity
ST Infinity

All stains and reagents are optimized for use with Leica ST5010 and Leica ST5020, resulting in high quality H&E stains and consistent quality from the first stained slide to the last.

  • High throughput of slides before the stains and reagents expire.
  • Time saving, as all stains and reagents exhaust at the same rate, allowing all components of the kit to be loaded on and off the instrument at the same time.

Learn more by watching the ST Infinity Video.

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View consistent quality from slide 1 to slide 2000 in the virtual gallery.



Calculate your time and cost savings with the Infinity calculator.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801698 ST INFINITY H&E STAINING SYSTEM 1 Case of 5 pieces