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Technical Support: Your on-call H&E experts

A wealth of histology expertise in every box. The Leica ST Infinity system comes with ready access to the H&E expertise that created the stains, developed the stainer and validated the protocols. So when you need help to optimize staining or solve a quality issue, Leica’s H&E Application Specialists have the reagent, stainer and system knowledge to help everyone in the laboratory including technicians, managers and pathologists.


Let us come to your laboratory and work alongside you to optimize protocols or improve quality. Leica’s H&E experts are hands-on histologists who can bring an exceptional level of practical H&E and ST Infinity system expertise into your laboratory.


Need immediate help? Simply contact Leica for access to scientific and applications experts who are ready with the practical advice and detailed scientific knowledge that will help you solve any staining issue.

To contact our Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Please call - (800) 248-0123.