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Efficiency: Create savings, increase throughput

Spend more time ensuring quality, less time maintaining instruments and complete more slides with existing resources. Working together, the ST Infinity system and the Leica ST5010 or Leica ST5020 stainers reduce the amount of work needed to produce each slide while reducing purchasing, handling and waste disposal costs.

Minimal user interaction

Minimize time spent at the stainer. The time saved by full automation is enhanced by predictable reagent lifetimes where lab staff only need to visit the machine for a reagent fill once every 2000 slides.

Ready-to-use solution

Each kit contains all reagents needed in a ready-to-use format. To refill your stainer, simply open the box, and pour in the complete contents of each bottle.

Simple stain replacement

Color coding makes it easy to match bottle to bath for reduced errors. Also, bottle volumes match bath volumes to eliminate waste and all reagents are replaced together so there is only one trip to your store, one order to make and greatly reduced handling costs.