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Consistency: Maintain quality through all your slides

Quality is just as important for the 2000th slide as it is on the first. So the ST Infinity system introduces unique chemistry that keeps all the components fresh till the last slide.

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No guesswork

All components in the ST Infinity system remain stable and produce high-quality results for 2000 slides. This means your staining can remain consistent from slide-to-slide, day-to-day and year-on-year. And when the 2000-slide limit is reached, replace all components together to reduce labor and eliminate the guesswork associated with predicting different lifetimes for individual components.

No process variation

Along with reagent stability, the ST Infinity also provides the consistency of full automation and optimized, validated protocols. Eliminate process variation with the Leica ST5010 and Leica ST5020 stainers and start with the pre-determined protocols for a validated staining sequence. You can also call on Leica’s staining experts to optimize the protocols to match your laboratory’s individual needs.