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HistoCore SPECTRA H&E Stains Consumables

HistoCore SPECTRA H&E Staining System

SPECTRA H&E stains provide the clarity and definition you expect, resulting in increased diagnostic efficiency for pathologists and patients. Validated for use with the HistoCore SPECTRA ST stainer, SPECTRA H&E Stains provide a total solution and fit seamlessly into your laboratory. HistoCore SPECTRA H&E stains give you reliable consistency from slide 1- 1600, eliminating day-to-day variation.

Explore the benefits that the HistoCore SPECTRA H&E Staining System brings to your lab

HistoCore SPECTRA H&E Stains

Track, trace and report using HistoCore SPECTRA H&E stains


RFID monitored stains and color coded rack technology in the HistoCore ST Stainer helps minimize errors and save time.


Visualize reagents for exchange using the bath generator; ability to replace all staining components at the same time.


RFID Technology accurately tracks reagent exchange, slide volume and maintains records.

S1 and S2 Stains for Flexibility

Choose your stain type and intensity


Select from light (S1) and moderate (S2) intensity staining systems; additional adjustable intensity using on-board dials.


Ability to run H&E, special stains, histology and cytology samples.


Explore HistoCore SPECTRA’s exceptional stain quality under our microscope

Validated SPECTRA H&E staining quality

To validate the HistoCore SPECTRA H&E staining system, Leica Biosystems provided slides to pathologists for evaluation of staining consistency, intensity and diagnostically reliable results. The results confirmed that the SPECTRA H&E staining system demonstrated excellent quality over a range of 1600 slides. Below are images of the slides evaluated, and the feedback from the pathologists.

SPECTRA H&E Evaluation


Validated and preloaded stain protocols allow you to load and walk away.

SPECTRA H&E Evaluation Slides


Achieve quality from slide 1 to 1600 using Leica Biosystems validated protocols and the SPECTRA H&E staining system.


Access a wealth of H&E knowledge through Leica staining experts

Technical Support: Your H&E experts

Leica Biosystems application specialists are available to help optimize the HistoCore SPECTRA ST stainer when using the HistoCore SPECTRA H&E staining system. With years of histology experience, Leica Biosystems applications specialists are your partner in meeting your individual laboratory staining requirements.


Let us come to your laboratory and work alongside you to optimize protocols or improve quality. Leica Biosystems' H&E experts are hands-on histologists who can bring an exceptional level of practical H&E expertise into your laboratory.


Need immediate help? Simply contact Leica Biosystems for access to scientific and applications experts who are ready with the practical advice and detailed scientific knowledge that will help you solve any staining issue.

To contact our Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Please call - (844) 534-2262.

The HistoCore SPECTRA ST high throughput routine and special slide stainer provides a wide range of benefits for histology laboratories.

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