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EA-50 Modified Secondary-Counter Stains Consumables

EA-50 Modified Secondary-Counter Stains

EA-50 Modified
EA-50 Modified

Like the EA-50, Modified EA-50 is a light green, alcohol-based stain for routine cytoplasmic staining, yet is made to a slightly different formula providing further choice to technicians.

Available in various quantities.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801680 MODIFIED EA-50 (GAL) (3.78L) 1 Galllon
3801681 MODIFIED EA-50 (1/2 GAL) (1.89L) 1 US 1/2 Gal
3801682 MODIFIED EA-50 (QT) (0.95L) 1 Quart US
3801680E EA-50 MODIFIED (5 Litre) 1 pieces
3801681E EA-50 MODIFIED (2.5 LTR) 1 pieces
3801682E EA-50 MODIFIED (1 LTR) 1 pieces