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I.B.F. Tissue Fixative Consumables

I.B.F. Tissue Fixative

I.B.F. Tissue Fixative
I.B.F. Tissue Fixative

I.B.F is a tissue fixative containing alcohol, barium chloride and a low percentage of formalin.

Tissues fixed in I.B.F exhibit excellent morphological detail, preserved immunoreactivity and superior sectioning characteristics.

I.B.F is especially recommended for the fixation of bone marrow biopsies and lymphatic tissues.

Pre-filled jars are available in the following case sizes: 100 x 20 ml jars, 50 x 60 ml jars or 50 x 90 ml jars.

Also available in 1 gallon (3.8L), 4 x 1 gallon cases or 5 gallon cubes.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800680 IBF TISSUE FIXATIVE 4 GALS (15.1L) 1 Case of 4 pieces
3800682 IBF TISSUE FIX 5GL CUBE 1 Cube
3800768 20ML PREFILLED PJ W/IBF 1 Case of 100 pieces
3800769 20ML PREFILLED W/IBF & BASIC FUCHSIN 1 Case of 100 pieces
3800784 90ML PJ W/IBF Custom 1 Case of 50 pieces
3800811 60ML PJ W/IBF 1 Case of 50 pieces