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Fix-All Fixatives Consumables

Fix-All Fixatives

<p align="center">Fix-All</p>


Fix-All is a tissue fixative containing alcohol, barium chloride and 10% formalin.

It is recommended for fixation of all types of tissues, including biopsies, and is particularly good for fixing dense and fatty tissues.

Routine, special and immunohistochemical procedures yield excellent results.

Fix-All is tinted a light yellow (color).

Fix-All can be readily substituted for B-5 fixative.

Available in 1 gallon (3.8 L), 4 x 1 gallon cases, 100 x 20 ml prefilled jars or 50 x 60 ml pre-filled jars.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800685 FIX-ALL GAL 1 Galllon
3800686 FIX-ALL 4 GALS (15.1L) 1 Case of 4 pieces
3800767 20ML PREFILLED PJ W/FIX-ALL 1 Case of 100 pieces
3800812 CUSTOM 60ML PREFILLED PJ W/FIX-ALL 1 Case of 50 pieces