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Formula 'R' Paraffin Consumables

Formula 'R' Paraffin

Surgipath Formula R Paraffin
Surgipath Formula R Paraffin

Formula 'R' is a next generation paraffin that enables thin sectioning with minimal compression and all around ease of use.

Formula 'R' is a semitransparent compound which can be used both as an infiltration and embedding medium.

It has a low melting point (56-57º C, water bath temperature 45-50º C) and is available in 2 packaging options, a 2 lb. poly bag or 4.5 lb. jug. The perforated poly bag is easy to pour and takes up minimal space.

The resealable wide mouth plastic jug facilitates pouring as well as disposing of the used paraffin.

Jug may also be rinsed and reused for other purposes.

Provides added structural support for thin sections and denser tissue. Formula "R" is typically used for animal tissue (research).


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801450 FORMULA R PARAFFIN 4-4.5LB (2.04kg) CONTANRS 1 Case of 4 pieces
3801470 FORMULA R 10-2LB (0.91kg) BAGS 1 Case of 10 pieces
3801450E FORMULA R WAX 4X2KG JUGS (8.0KG), DELETE 1 Kilogram
3801470E Formula 'RWax - 10x 0.91kg bags, DELETE 1 Kilogram