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Sta-On Consumables

Sta-On Tissue Section Adhesive


Sta-On is a liquid adhesive that is easy to use, convenient and reliable. Ten milliliters are added to each liter of pre-warmed water in a tissue flotation bath.

Sta-On has been lab tested with H&E staining, special stains and immunoperoxidase procedures. Diluted Sta-On can be used to coat slides for frozen sections and smear preparations.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3803105 Sta-On® Tissue Section Adhesive, Pint 1 Pint
3803107 STA-ON SECTION ADHESIVE (GAL) (3.78L) 1 Galllon
3803105E STA-ON (PINT/473ML) 1 pieces
3803107E STA-ON (GALLON/3.8LT) 1 pieces