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MM 24 Mounting Media Consumables

MM 24 Mounting Media

<p align="center">MM24 Mounting Media</p>

MM24 Mounting Media

MM 24 is a low viscosity mounting medium that is compatible with both aliphatic (e.g. Sub-X) and aromatic (e.g. xylene) clearing agents.

It is specially formulated to provide optimum results with automatic glass coverslippers, yet is also effective when manually preparing slides.

Set up time before permanent filing is normally
24 hours when used with aromatic agents and 48 to 72 hours when used with aliphatics.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801120 MM24 PINT 1 Pint
3801121 MM24 4 PINTS 1 Case of 4 pieces
3801122 MM24 - 12/4OZ DRIPPER BTL 1 Case
3801120E 473m MM24 1 pieces
3801121E MM24 (4 X PT) (4 x 473 ml) 1 Case