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Micromount Consumables


<p align="center">Micromount Mounting Media</p>

Micromount Mounting Media

Micromount is a rapid-drying, xylene-based mounting medium. Its low viscosity facilitates coverslipping and prevents air bubbles forming.

An antioxidant is added to inhibit stain fading and prevent the formation of annual rings. Micromount sets up quickly, allowing slide preparations to be handled immediately after mounting.

Micromount is soluble in xylene, toluene, and most xylene substitutes.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801730 MICROMOUNT (4 PINTS) 1 Case of 4 pieces
3801731 MICROMOUNT (PINT) 1 Pint
3801732 MICROMOUNT 12/4 OZ DRIPPER BT 1 Case of 12 pieces
3801730E MICROMOUNT (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) 1 Case
3801731E MICROMOUNT (PT) (473 ml) 1 pieces
3801730ED MICROMOUNT (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE 1 Case
3801730EF MICROMOUNT (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE 1 Case
3801730EP MICROMOUNT (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE 1 Case
3801731ED MICROMOUNT (PT) (473 ml) DELETE
3801731EF MICROMOUNT (PT) (473 ml) DELETE
3801731EP MICROMOUNT (PT) (473 ml) DELETE