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Clearium Mounting Media Consumables

Clearium Mounting Media

Clearium Mounting Media

Clearium is a mounting medium which enables slide preparations to be simultaneously cleared and coverslipped in one easy step.

This unique product eliminates the need to use hazardous xylene or xylene substitutes as a clearing agent in histology and cytology laboratories.

When using Clearium, simply do away with the final step of clearing and coverslip directly from absolute isopropyl alcohol.



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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801100 CLEARIUM PINT 1 Pint
3801101 CLEARIUM 4 PINTS 1 Case of 4 pieces
3801102 CLEARIUM 12/ 4 OZ DRIPPER BTL 1 Case of 12 pieces
3801100E CLEARIUM (PT) (473 ml) 1 pieces
3801101E CLEARIUM (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) 1 Case