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Acrytol Mounting Media Consumables

Acrytol Mounting Media

Acrytol Mounting Media
Acrytol Mounting Media

Acrytol is a rapid-drying mounting medium which enables slides to be screened immediately. It has a low viscosity, allowing the medium to flow easily. It also prevents air bubbles from becoming trapped.

Acrytol contains an antioxidant to inhibit stain fading and prevent the formulation of annual rings. A thin coating of Acrytol is all that is needed to adhere a coverglass to a microscope slide.

It is soluble in xylene, toluene and most xylene substitutes.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801700 ACRYTOL 12/ 2 OZ BT 1 Case
3801705 ACRYTOL 12/ 4 OZ DRIPPER BT 1 Case
3801720 ACRYTOL (PINT) 1 Pint
3801721 ACRYTOL (4 PINTS) 1 Case of 4 pieces
3801720E ACRYTOL (PT) (473 ml) DELETE 1 pieces
3801721E ACRYTOL (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) 1 Case
3801720ED ACRYTOL (PT) (473 ml) DELETE
3801720EF ACRYTOL (PT) (473 ml) DELETE
3801720EP ACRYTOL (PT) (473 ml) DELETE
3801721ED ACRYTOL (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE
3801721EF ACRYTOL (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE
3801721EP ACRYTOL (4XPT) (4 x 473 ml) DELETE