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High-profile disposable blades 818 Consumables

High-profile disposable blades 818

High-profile disposable blades 818
High-profile disposable blades 818

High Profile 818 Disposable Blades are made of stainless steel with exceptional durability.

Ultra fine yet durable, the 80 mm long x 14 mm high x 0.35 mm thick blades are suitable for use with the Leica microtomes and cryostat series as well as for common cryostat and microtome models.

An inventive blade coating process provides perceptibly improved results in section stretching and in the quality of sectioning ribbons in routine histology.


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14035838383 High-profile disposable blades818(10x50)
14035838926 High-profile disposable blades 818(1x50)

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