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Bacti-Cinerator and Replacement Parts Consumables

Bacti-Cinerator and Replacement Parts

Bacti-Cinerator and Replacement Parts

The Bacti-Cinerator™ IV sterilizes microorganisms utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element. The ceramic element contains no asbestos and ensures maximum sterility without spatter across the work area. Complete sterilization occurs within 5 to 7 seconds at optimum sterlizing temperature of 1500° F (815.6°C). The small footprint makes the Bacti-Cinerator™ an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike. Sterilizes loops and needles.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
39004002 Bacti-Cinerator 120V Bacti IV, 60 HZ 1 Piece
39004004 Bacti-Cinerator 240V Bacti IV, Aust. 1 Piece
39004005 Bacti-Cinerator 240V Bacti IV, Eng./UK 1 Piece
39001373 Bacti Element, 120V Bacti IV 1 Piece
39001304 Bacti Element-120V Bacti III-Replacement 1 Piece
39001375 Bacti Element, 240V Bacti IV 1 Piece
39001320 Bacti Element 240V Bacti III-Replacement 1 Piece