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FSC 22 Frozen Section Media Consumables

FSC 22 Frozen Section Media

<p align="center">FSC 22 Mounting Media</p>

FSC 22 Mounting Media

FSC 22® is a water soluble embedding compound used in frozen sectioning.

The compound bonds and encapsulates tissue specimens to the object holder for cryosectioning.

It provides excellent sectioning consistency with minimal curling of sections at a working temperature of -20 °C.

FSC 22 is available in clear or in light blue for better visualization of small specimens.

It is highly recommended for surgical pathology laboratories.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801480 FSC22 Frozen Section Comp (9x118ml)Clear 1 Case of 9 pieces
3801480S Frozen Section Compound Clear - 118ml 1 pieces
3801481 BLUE FROZEN SECTION COMPOUND (9 x 118ml) 1 Case of 9 pieces
3801481S Frozen Section Compound Blue - 118ml 1 pieces