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Cytology Fixative Consumables

Cytology Fixative

Cytology Fixative
Cytology Fixative

Cytology Fixative combines a convenient fine-mist spray dispenser with a polyethylene glycol formulation to enable the rapid, high quality fixation of cytology cell spreads.

Cytology Fixative covers cells with a tough, soluble film that protects cell morphology for microscopic examination.

It is water and alcohol soluble, environmentally friendly and extremely economical.

Cytology Fixative is also available in 50 ml dropper bottles if preferred.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801800 CYTOLOGY FIXATIVE (4 0Z) 12 BOTTLES/CASE 1 Case of 12 pieces
3801800E Cytology fixative118ml DELETE 1 Case of 1.416 Liter
3801801E CYTOLOGY FIXATIVE 50ML (10) DELETE .5 Liter of 2 Case
3801802E Cytology Fixative 50ml (50) 1 Case of 2.5 Liter