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Cervix Brush Consumables

Cervix Brush

Cervix Brush
Cervix Brush

The Cervix Brush, from Rovers Medical Devices BV, provides a clear and accurate sample for the early detection of cervical cancer. It is made of polythylene and has a total length of 200mm. The top portion uses a soft, flexible brush to obtain cell samples, while the shape allows the top edges to follow the contours of the cervix.

The longer middle bristles reach deep into the endocervical canal while the shorter bristles touch both the ectocervical area (external os) and the transformation zone (T-zone).

Cells from the entire cervical area may be collected to produce good, representative samples. The detachable head makes it ideal use for Liquid Based Cytology systems.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801990 CERVIX-BRUSH(R) 25/BG 1 bag of 25 pieces