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C-E Brush Consumables

C-E Brush

C-E Brush
C-E Brush

The C-E Brush is specifically designed to gently collect an adequate amount of endocervical material for a more accurate pap smear diagnosis.

The bristle head is barrel shaped (as opposed to cone shaped).

The longer bristles at the tip cause less discomfort and bleeding to the patients, while allowing for a greater collection surface when harvesting cells from the squamal columnar junction.

This brush is designed to be inserted into the endocervical canal and rotated slowly.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801970 6 INCH CE BRUSH (100) 1 bag of 100 pieces
3801975 6 INCH CE BRUSH (500) 1 Box of 500 pieces
3801980 7 1/2 INCH CE BRUSH (100) 1 bag of 100 pieces