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Cytology Funnel Consumables

Cytology Funnel

Cytology Funnel

The Cytology Funnel is a specially designed unit that facilitates the transfer of spun down non-gyn specimens on to microscope slides.

The unit incorporates two separate chambers with a single cap design.

For the price of a single chamber unit, cytotechnologists can have the option of preparing one or two cytopreps at a time on a single slide.

The attached white filter card wicks away excess supernatant, eliminating cell loss.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3802975 BMP CYTO SNGL FUNNEL WHT FLTR (50) 1 Pack of 50 pieces
3802976 BMP CYTO SNGL FUNNEL WHT FLTR (500) 1 Case of 500 pieces
3802977 BMP CYTO SNGL FUNNEL BRWN FLTR (50) 1 Pack of 50 pieces
3802978 BMP CYTO DBL FUNNEL WHITE FLTR (25) 1 Pack of 25 pieces
3802979 BMP CYTO DBL FUNNEL WHT FLTR (500) 1 Case of 500 pieces
3802980 BMP FUNNEL CLIP (6) 1 Pack of 6 pieces
3802971 CYTOLOGY FUNNELS 50/BAG 1 bag of 50 pieces
3802972 CYTOLOGY FUNNELS 500/CASE 1 Case of 500 pieces