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Leica LP C Processing Cassettes Consumables

Leica LP C Processing Cassettes High Quality Cassettes for use with the Leica
LP C Laser Printer

Leica LP C Processing Cassettes

These high-density acetal polymer cassettes hold tissue specimens during processing, embedding and storage.

The 45° anterior area is coated with a patented black polymer for permanent, high-resolution marking with the Leica LP C Laser Printer.


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Code Name Show all details Qty
14060546825 LP C Processing Cassettes Aqua(1440pcs)
14060546826 LP C Processing Cassettes Blue(1440pcs)
14060546827 LP C ProcessingCassettes Green(1440pcs)
14060546829 LP C ProcessingCassettes Peach(1440pcs)
14060546830 LP C ProcessingCassettes Pink (1440pcs)
14060546831 LP C ProcessingCassettes White(1440pcs)
14060546832 LP C ProcessingCassettes Yellow(1440pcs
14060546925 LP C Processing Cassettes Grey(1440pcs)
14060546926 LP C ProcessingCassettes Orange(1440pcs
14060546927 LP C Processing Cassettes Tan(1440 pcs)
14060546828 LP C ProcessingCassettes Lilac(1440pcs)

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