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Biopsy Bags Consumables

Biopsy Bags

Mesh Biopsy Bags
Mesh Biopsy Bags

Manufactured from solvent resistant nylon, these Mesh Biopsy Bags are ideal for use in processing small biopsies. They provide excellent fluid exchange and maximum tissue safety.

The fixative and specimen can be poured into the bag which then filters the fixative and leaves the biopsies inside. The bag is then closed, placed inside a Biopsy Cassette and processed as normal.

After processing, the bag can be extracted and opened, allowing the specimen to be recovered and embedded in paraffin wax.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
38040700003 60 x 45mm Biopsy bags 1 Pack
38040700005 45 x 30mm Biopsy bags (1000) 1 Pack
3801085 BIOPSY BAGS 30X50 MM SMALL 500/BG 1 bag of 500 pieces
3801087 BIOPSY BAGS 45X60MM MEDIUM 500/BG 1 bag of 500 pieces