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MicroTwin Cassettes Consumables

MicroTwin Cassettes

MicroTwin Cassettes
MicroTwin Cassettes

MicroTwin Cassettes have two chambers and re-attachable lids like the popular Multicassettes.

The individual holes are 0.3 mm square - fine enough not to require biopsy pads and wraps while also ensuring good fluid exchange and drainage.

Large slots to the front, back and sides allow the cassettes to sink rapidly during processing. The anterior writing surface is angled to fit most cassette printing machines.

Available in nine colors in quantities of 1500.


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Code Name Qty
380874550 Microtwin cassettes White (NL)
380874551 GreenMicrotwin cassette
380874552 PinkMicrotwin cassettes (NL)
380874553 Microtwin cassettes Yellow (NL)
380874554 BlueMicrotwin cassette (NL)
380874555 GreyMicrotwin cassette
380874556 OrangeMicrotwin cassette (NL)