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IP Biopsy VI, Two Piece Cassettes Consumables

IP Biopsy VI, Two Piece Cassettes

IP Biopsy VI
IP Biopsy VI

IP Biopsy VI cassettes are two piece biopsy cassettes with 0.67 mm pores, 45 degree writing surface and a secure latch closure.

The cassettes have been designed for the Leica IP C Cassette Printer and offer <1% printing error rate.

Available in loose and taped packaging for easy printer loading.

Choose from eleven colors in quantities of 1000.


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Code Name Show all details Unit size Qty
39LC-580-1 IP Biopsy VI, White (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-1-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped- White, w/Sep Li 1 Piece
39LC-580-2 IP Biopsy VI, Blue (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-2-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Blue, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-3 IP Biopsy VI, Aqua (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-3-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Aqua, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-4 IP Biopsy VI, Green (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-4-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Green, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-5 IP Biopsy VI, Lilac (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-5-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Lilac, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-6 IP Biopsy VI, Pink (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-6-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Pink, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-7 IP Biopsy VI, Orange (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-7-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Orange, w/Sep Li 1 Piece
39LC-580-8 IP Biopsy VI, Gold (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-8-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Gold, w/Sep Lid 1 Piece
39LC-580-9 IP Biopsy VI, Yellow (500) 1 Piece
39LC-580-9-L IP Biopsy VI, Taped Yellow, w/Sep Li 1 Piece