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Parafree Stainless Steel Base Mold Consumables

Parafree Stainless Steel Base Mold

ParaFree Stainless Steel Base Molds
ParaFree Stainless Steel Base Molds

Parafree Stainless Steel Base Molds offer higher walls then other base molds in the market, eliminating excess paraffin build-up around the block.

The unique design produces paraffin blocks that require 80% less block scraping before sectioning.

The precise corners of the mold help to facilitate immediate ribboning.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
39LC-700-1 Parafree Metal Base Molds 7 x 7 mm (12) 1 Piece
39LC-700-2 Parafree Metal Base Molds 15 x15mm (12) 1 Piece
39LC-700-3 Parafree Metal Base Molds 25 x25 mm (12) 1 Piece
39LC-700-4 Parafree Metal Base Molds 30 x25mm (12) 1 Piece
39LC-700-5 Parafree Metal Base Molds 37 x 25mm (12) 1 Piece