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Embedding Consumables Consumables

Embedding Consumables

Embedding Consumables

Leica Microsystems offers an extensive line of embedding molds for a large variety of histological applications.

Material with code "14033910963" is discontinued
Material with code "14033910961" is discontinued
Material with code "14038612304" is discontinued

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Code Name Show all details Qty
14038612392 Embedding rings, pack of 1000
14038612303 Embedding mold 15x15x5mm
14038612305 Embedding mold 30x24x5mm
14038612306 Embedding mold 37x24x5mm
14038612860 Embedding mold 24x24x12 mm
14038612861 Embedding mold 37x24x12 mm
14038832448 Embedding molds 7 x 7 x 5 mm
14038832449 Embedding molds 15x15x5mm
14038832450 Embedding molds 24x24x5mm
14038832451 Embedding molds 24x30x5mm
14038832452 Embedding molds 24x37x5mm
14038832453 Embedding molds 24x24x12
14033906427 Embedding frame - size 1
14033906432 Embedding frame - size 2
14033906438 Base plate
14702218310 Specimen adapter, pack of 250
14702218311 HistoMold - 6x8mm
14702218312 HistoMold - 2x15mm
14702218313 HistoMold - 13x19mm