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Tissue Foreceps Consumables

Tissue Foreceps

Tissue Forceps
Tissue Forceps

The tissue forceps incorporate a variety of "teeth" configurements and in an array of sizes.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
38DI17130 FORCEP TISSUE 4 1X2 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17145 FORCEP TISSUE 5.5 1X2 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17152 FORCEP TISSUE 7 1X2 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17160 FORCEP TISSUE 10 1X2 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17340 FORCEP TISSUE 5 3X4 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17350 FORCEP TISSUE 1 pieces
38DI17355 FORCEP TISSUE 8 3X4 TEETH 1 pieces
38DI17360 FORCEP TISSUE 10 3X4 TEETH 1 pieces