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Iris Scissors Consumables

Iris Scissors

Iris Scissors
Iris Scissors

The Iris scissors are designed with slightly elongated reach and smaller very intricate blade tips.

All scissors are 114 mm long and are available with straight, curved, or 3 styles of angled tips.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
38DI12410 SCISSOR IRIS 4.5 STRAIGHT S/S 1 pieces
38DI12425 SCISSOR IRIS 4.5 CURVED S/S 1 pieces
38DI26185 SCISSOR IRIS 4.5 ANGLED EDGE 1 pieces
38DI26186 SCISSOR IRIS 4.5 ANG S/B NOPRB 1 pieces
38DI26190 SCISSOR IRIS 4.5 ANGLD W/PROBE 1 pieces