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Autopsy Knife Set Consumables

Autopsy Knife Set

Autopsy Knife Set
Autopsy Knife Set

This Autopsy Knife Set features a permanent knife holder which accepts four styles of reusable and disposable autopsy Knife Blades.

The Blade Holder is easy to clean, able to be sterilized, has a safety finger protector and a grippable inert plastic handle with a stainless steel insert. The Blade Holder is available in left or right-handed models.

The Knife Blades are manufactured from high-quality German stainless steel with scalpel sharpness. Each blade is packaged in a protective plastic cover.

The set includes one holder and five of each style of blade. Blades are available individually in packages of five.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3802126 5.9 INCH SECTNG KNIFE BLADES 1 Pack of 5 pieces
3802127 11.8 BRAIN/LUNG KNIFE BLADES 1 Pack
3802128 3 1/8 INCH SKIN KNIFE BLADES 1 Pack of 5 pieces
3802129 3 1/8 INCH THROAT KNIFE BLADES 1 Pack of 5 pieces
3802130 BLADE HOLDER RIGHT HAND 1 pieces
3802131 BLADE HOLDER LEFT HAND 1 pieces
3802137 AUTOPSY KNIFE SET 1 pieces