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Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jars Consumables

Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jars

Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jars


The Affirmed Solution for proper jar closure of your transported specimens.

AffirmSeal Specimen jars are pre-filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin, specifically designed for safe collection and transport of various sized specimens. Jar sizes include 20mL, 40mL, 60mL, 90mL and 120mL. The extra wide diameter of the 90mL and 120mL jars provide ease of use when handling large tissue specimens.

The jars feature a plastic mold design that creates two clearly audible and tactile "clicks" when the lid is properly secured. This provides confirmation that the specimen is secure, helps prevent leakage, and offers an added level of safety from formalin fumes for couriers and technicians.

AffirmSeal jars are made of durable plastic to prevent cracking when inadvertently dropped, and comply with 95 kPa pressure testing for safe air shipment and use in pneumatic transport systems. The packaging is made of chipboard material, making it safe for operating room use. Mini-Pak sizes allow for easy breakdown of the cases for distribution to other labs and physician offices. Flat packs save storage space and provide added durability during transit.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800754AS 20ML PREFILL AFFIRMSEAL W/AUDBLE LID(100 1 Case of 100 pieces
380075432AS 20ML PREFILL MINIPK AFFIRMSEAL LID(4X32) 1 Case of 128 pieces
3800754BLK AffirmSeal 20ml PREFIL JAR MINIPAK BULK 1 Case of 768 pieces
380077124AS AffirmSeal 40ml PREFILL JAR MINIPAK 2x24 1 Case of 48 pieces
3800771BLK AffirmSeal 40ML PREFIL JAR PK BULK 20x24 1 Case of 480 pieces
380081027AS AffirmSeal 60ML PREFILL JAR MINIPAK 2x27 1 Case of 54 pieces
3800810BLK AffirmSeal 60ML PREFIL JAR PK BULK 12x27 1 Case of 324 pieces
3800780AS AffirmSeal 90ML PREFILL JAR (50/CS) 1 Case of 50 pieces
3800790AS AffirmSeal 120ML PREFILL JAR (50/CS) 1 Case of 50 pieces
380079024AS AffirmSeal 120ML PREFILL JAR MINIPK 2x24 1 Case of 48 pieces
3800790BLK AffirmSeal 120ML PREFIL JAR PK BULK 8x24 1 Case of 192 pieces