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20 Slide Folder for Specimen Transport Consumables

20 Slide Folder for Specimen Transport

20 Slide Folder
20 Slide Folder

The 20 Slide Folder is a robust chipboard folder made using a double wall construction. The front slide protection flaps are made to fold back without risk of damage to the hinge.

Each slide is identified with a number and by an index printed on the front. The slides are easily removed simply by touching either end of the slide. To avoid contamination of the folder by wet sides, the two lid-flaps are indented on the inside.

Available per folder, in boxes of 12 folders or cases of 72 folders.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3802615 20 SLIDE FOLDER CHIPBOARD (72) 1 Case of 72 pieces
3802617 20 SLIDE FOLDER CHIPBOARD (12) 1 Box of 12 pieces