GLP Validation - Proven Results

GLP Validation

Leica Biosystems has teamed exclusively, with Commissioning Agents, Inc. (CAI), to provide high quality IQOQPQ validation services for Aperio Digital Pathology slide scanners and associated software. Collectively, our high performance teams have delivered proven results over thousands of projects for their respective customers.

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Specialized services

Commissioning Agents, Inc. (CAI) is a global consulting firm specializing in integrated validation, qualification and commissioning services for technology intensive capital projects and building construction.

IQOQPQ validation software

The CAI team of professionals can verify that your Aperio slide scanner and eSlide Manger are installed correctly and fully operational. Not only does this help to make sure you are in compliance with regulations, money is saved with established, high-quality protocols to test your systems. 

Resolution of deviations

CAI will work hand-in-hand to resolve any issues found during testing so that you end up with the system you expect. Utilize our technical and consulting services to improve the delivery, reliability and efficiency of your equipment, facilities, and manufacturing operations.

Validation today

CAI is ready to provide you with qualification of the following systems and software: Aperio CS2; Aperio AT Turbo; Aperio AT2; eSlide Manager (Hub); eSlide Manager (Spoke).

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