Telomeres are specialized DNA-Protein structures containing long stretches of (TTAGGG) in repeats at the end of all chromosomes. They protect chromosomes from degradation and end-to-end fusion with other chromosomes. The region adjacent to sequences containing telomeric repeats is called the sub-telomer which has been found to be relative gene-rich. Cytogenetic analysis of sub-telomeric regions is difficult due to low resolution using conventional banding techniques.

Technical Information

The ST probes are supplied in a 5-test, 5x concentrated format. Hybridization buffer can be purchased separately (see General Purpose Reagents). The ST probes labeled in a choice of green (PlatinumBright™ 495) or red (PlatinumBright 550). For blue (PlatinumBright 415) ST probes please inquire.

All probes in the ST range have not shown any cross-hybridization to other chromosomal regions. However, it cannot be excluded that certain sequence polymorphic could still exist. If any unusual hybridization patterns are observed please contact us at

"Our Kreatech Sub-Telomeric ASR Probes in the table below are provided in a 10 µl, 5x concentrated format".

ASR - Analyte Specific Reagent