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The Leeds Guide to Digital Pathology

Darren Treanor MD, PhD
Bethany Williams MBBS PhD

The path to clinical digital pathology deployment is a challenging but rewarding one. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust continues the journey and has gained valuable insight that will help others navigate their way. The purpose of this guide is to provide balanced and practical information on clinical deployment based on our experience and knowledge.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are developing best practice guidance in implementing digital pathology for routine diagnosis. This guide acts as a useful starting point when embarking on your digital pathology journey.

Download the Leeds Guide to Digital Pathology

About the presenters

Darren Treanor , MD, PhD

Dr. Treanor is a Consultant Histopathologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, UK. He is also Guest Professor in Digital Pathology at Linköping University, Sweden, where he works with the university and hospital teams on digital pathology research in a well-established project where 100% of clinical slides are scanned.

Bethany Williams , MBBS PhD

Dr. Bethany Williams is a Specialty Doctor at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Leeds, and the Lead for Training, Validation and PPI at the National Pathology Imaging Co-Operative in the United Kingdom. She has published extensively in the fields of digital pathology patient safety, evidence based digital pathology training and validation and effective digital deployment. Her body of research earned her the Pathological Society’s medal for research impact, and she is regularly invited to speak at international conferences as an authority on the digital pathology evidence base, practical deployment and patient safety. 


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